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Green Flip-Chip SOIC Package Qualified For Production Use

High-reliability packages, always in demand within the automotive, medical, and RF fields, are now going green. A fully qualified flip-chip small-outline IC (FC-SOIC) narrow body package developed by Advanced Interconnect Technologies (AIT) meets today's OEM requirements of MSL Level 1, 260°C standards. It uses pillar-bumping technology from Advanpack Solutions PTE Ltd. (APS) with a complete green package material set solution.

The package complies with the European Commission, American Environmental Protection Agency, and Japan Electronic Industry Development ban on the use of lead, mercury cadmium hexavalent, chromium, PBB, and PBDE chemicals. Implementation of Europe's green requirements is expected in 2006.

After stress testing, the FC-SOIC package met all JEDEC requirements. So, it's a potential solution to the stringent requirements of the Japanese OEM market. Electrical and thermal performance are enhanced by using perimeter or flip-chip pads, which connect the IC to a copper substrate across a shorter path. The packaging doesn't require any precious metals, and it features sealed bond pads, alpha-particle protection, and higher-temperature tolerance for faster assembly and lower manufacturing costs. It's pin-to-pin compatible with existing customer designs.

FCOSL packages come in a small-outline IC (SOIC), thin shrink small-outline package (TSSOP), and quad flat package (xQFP) configurations. Manufactured at AIT's factory in Batam, Indonesia, they're ready for full production. Pricing is based on volume and configuration.

Advanced Interconnect Technologies
(408) 734-3222

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