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Handheld Prototyper Eases Portable Product Design

In a cell-phone-like form factor, the STM32 Primer2 handheld prototyping tool provides a 128 x 160 color touchscreen and audio features to enable the rapid design of portable prototypes and demonstrators. It comes with a joystick/pushbutton, extension connector, pre-loaded sample applications, USB port, a MicroSD card slot, an accelerometer, and an infrared transmitter/receiver. All features are manageable through the built-in software framework, the open-source CircleOS. All STM32 Primers come with the Raisonance Ride7 application development software and the GNU C compiler. All necessary design resources are on tap including source code for the pre-loaded applications as well as software libraries for peripherals such as MEMS position sensors, the touchscreen, and embedded audio components of the STM32 Primer2. The STM32 Primer2 also has a 20-pin external connector. Price for the STM32 Primer2 is $49 each. STMICROELECTRONICS, Lexington, MA. (888) 787-3550.


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