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Headers And Card-Edge Connectors Can Take The Heat

Headers And Card-Edge Connectors Can Take The Heat

Expanding the company’s portfolio of high-temperature components are single- and dual-row 2.54-mm contact centerline male headers and dual-row card edge connectors available in 1-mm, 1.27-mm, 2.54-mm, 3.18-mm, and 3.96-mm contact centerline versions. The connectors are capable of reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -65°C to +250°C. Available mounting styles include clearance holes, flush mounting, threaded inserts, straddle mount, floating bobbin, side mounting, and open card slot. The headers are available with varied head and tail length options for custom and standard applications. Both the card-edge connectors and headers specify a current rating from 1A to 3A maximum per contact. Prices start at $0.12 each/1,000 for two-position/four-pin single-row headers and $1.70 each/1,000 for four-position/eight-pin dual-row card edge connectors. SULLINS ELECTRONICS CORP., San Marcos, CA (888) 774-3100.
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