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Heat-Shrinkable Grommets Promise Less Rework

Designed for installation after connectors have been terminated, these high-ratio, heat-shrinkable grommets are claimed to put an end to time-consuming taping and to reduce the amount of rework. Once clamped into position, the grommets reportedly provide strain relief superior to other types of grommets. tapes and tape/grommet combinations. And their 16:1 shrink ratio is said to fill cable interstices. Other features include an ultimate elongation of 250% min. and a volume resistivity of 1014 ohms-cm. min.To install the strain-relief grommets, heat is first applied to the ring-shaped material until it is soft. Then a non-metallic probe is slid through the center of the wire bundle, enlarging the ring diameter. Once cooled, the ring will remain open, allowing wires to be added, removed, or reworked. After the cable's electrical properties have been checked for correctness, the grommet is reheated and reshrunk, repositioned, and reclamped in place.


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