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High-Current Terminal Blocks Are Lever-Actuated

The 2716 series high-current, PCB-mount terminal blocks feature a lever-actuated design that permits tool-free termination of conductors from 24AWG to 6AWG. The operator need only lift the lever, insert a stripped conductor, and lower the lever. The spring pressure Cage Clamp ensures that terminations are maintenance-free, gas tight, and resistant to vibration and temperature cycling, regardless of operator skill. No screw torque requirements are imposed, so the terminal blocks are well-suited for field-wired installations. Standard 2716 series configurations include 10-mm (55 A/600 V) or 15 mm (65 A/600 V) versions ranging from 2- to 8-pole configurations. Additional configurations, as well as a 20-mm pitch variant are available on request. The terminal blocks are available with or without a jumper slot for easy commoning of up to five poles. An integrated test port allows easy probe access with direct contact to the current bar for hands-free trouble-shooting. WAGO CORP., Germantown, WI. (262) 255-6222.

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