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High-Power Connector Integrates Two-Way Splitter

A recent addition to the Power Pak Series high-power connectors, the Powerpole T-Pak features a two-way electrical splitter for one incoming circuit and two outgoing circuits, making it viable for both industrial and commercial applications. Working exclusively with the four-position Powerpole Pak connectors, the component effectively splits the current from one incoming circuit into two outgoing circuits. It is made of high-impact and corrosion-resistant black thermoplastic and comes preassembled for a 20A, three-phase ac configuration. Contacts employ red, black, and white standard 30A Powerpoles and the green pre-mate ground Powerpole. Two holes allow for mounting the unit in any location and integral latches prevent accidental disconnections. ANDERSON POWER PRODUCTS, Sterling, MA. (978) 422-3600.


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