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High-Power, High-Current Connectors Mate In Two Directions

Delphi Corp. recently added the Power Pack 1000 series to its family of sealed high-current, high-power connection. The components provide a sealed connection system that mates in the in-line or right-angle direction. This dual mating direction is achieved through the two-piece design of the female terminal, which has multiple contact points and uses beryllium copper with silver plating to manage the heat generated in high-current applications (see the figure).

Power Pack 1000 can accommodate up to 145 A and a cable range of 6 to 25 mm squared. The operating temperature range is -40°C to 150°C. The Power Pack connection systems can be engaged and disengaged by hand. In addition, the sealing capability provides environmental protection and the ability to mate directly to sealed high-current modules. The connector family is well suited for automobile, hybrid vehicle, and industrial applications.

Delphi Corp

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