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High-Speed, 2-mm Backplane Connectors Ease Routing On PCBs

Communications equipment requiring high-speed transmission capabilities can be helped to achieve these goals with the Tempus HS (High Speed) Series of two-piece, Futurebus+ style connectors. Constructed using a 2 x 2-mm square grid, the Tempus CBC20HS 1000/2000 and 4000 Series connectors are said to allow for easy circuit trace routing in both horizontal and vertical directions, with the 4000 Series further enhancing circuit signal integrity by permitting plated through-hole sizes to be smaller and traces wider. The backplane interconnect systems are also said to offer excellent signal performance when routed in either a single-ended or differential pair configuration, with 4000 devices optimized for differential applications. Further, Tempus HS products can be mixed-and-matched to suit specific applications as they are intermateable; they are also end-to-end stackable with standard Tempus connectors. The HS headers and receptacles are available in 5- and 8-row configurations, with the interconnects tested to 250 mating cycles. (The connectors are already available in Europe and are being second sourced from FCI and are interchangeable with FCI's Metral Series.). For more details, contact Dennis Upperman at ITT INDUSTRIES, CANNON, Santa Ana, CA. (714) 557-4700.


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