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High-Speed DC Fan Cools With 82 CFM

The 9232-12V high-speed dc fan handles an entire computer chassis with 82 CFM, running at 4000 rpm. The device measures 92 by 92 by 32 mm. A baffling system directs air through a passive heatsink and out of a dual- or single-processor workstation. The fan can be thermally controlled to deliver a low 20-dBa noise level at low speed. With a 70,000-hour projected lifetime, this dual ball-bearing fan provides auto restart, a tach-ometer output, or a locked rotor output. Its maximum operating impedance measures 0.31 in. of water. The 9232-12V is available now in low-, medium-, and high-speed configurations. Pricing ranges from $5 to $6 depending on fan features, speed, and quantity ordered.

JMC Products; (800) 580-6688

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