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Hydrophobic Conductive Adhesive Withstands 260¡C Reflow

The QMI 519 is a silver-filled, electrically and thermally conductive adhesive used to attach ICs and components to metallic lead frames. The adhesive is designed to withstand 260¡C reflow on organic and metallic substrates. Hydrophobic and stable at high temperatures, QMI 519 delivers void-free bond lines with strong interfacial adhesion on a variety of metals and ceramic surfaces including copper, silver, palladium and Alloy 42. Devices manufactured using this product will offer high resistance to delamination and popcorning, even after exposure to multiple reflow temperature cycles. Designed to achieve UPHs substantially higher than conventional oven cures, QMI 519 is formulated to cure in-line, either on the diebonder using a post-diebond heater or on the wirebonder pre-heater. The encapsulant can be cured using Skip-Cure in-line in 10 seconds at 200¡C, or using a variety of times and temperatures in conventional ovens or snap cure stations. DEXTER ELECTRONIC MATERIALS, Olean, NY. (858) 695-1716.


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