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Installation Tool Family Offers The Right Part For Every Job

An expanded line of installation tools includes cutters, strippers, and crimpers. Available cutters range from smaller wire and coax through tools to cut aluminum and copper cable up to 2 AWG. Tools are also available to cut copper and aluminum cable as large as 250 mm2. Strippers are available to handle wire as small as 30 AWG and as large as 10 AWG. There are also strippers for coaxial cables up to 0.600-in. diameter, multiconductor cables, and a variety of CAT 5 and 6 wires and cables. Crimpers range from those suited for all popular types of insulated and non-insulated terminals to four-, six-, and eight-conductor modular plugs, such as RJ-11, RJ-12, and RJ-45 voice/data connectors. Pricing ranges from $22.68 for a copper and aluminum cable cutter to $155.16 for a heavy-duty cable cutter.

RF Connectors
www.rfindustries.com; (800) 233-1728

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