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Interconnect Platform Challenges Solder Balls And Plated Vias

The MicroPILR interconnect platform, a unique technology that addresses interconnections within semiconductor packages, substrates, PCBs, and other components, employs low-profile, pin-shaped contacts that replace conventional technologies such as solder balls on ICs and plated vias in package substrates and PCBs. The technology has proven itself in the creation of an 8-die flash package stack that measures less than 1.2-mm thick. Each individual package can be tested prior to stacking, resulting in near 100% stacked yield. MicroPILR pins can be formed directly onto substrates and are typically nickel-/gold-plated copper. They currently range from 25 to 175 µm in height and 40 to 200 µm in pin-tip diameter, with height and diameter dimensions varying depending on application. For more information, call TESSERA TECHNOLOGIES INC., San Jose, CA. (408) 894-0700.


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