Electronic Design

Interconnect System Suits Power-Train Designs

Groomed for on-engine automotive applications, off-road construction, and industrial equipment, the MX123 sealed interconnect system reportedly maintains low and stable contact resistance under severe temperatures and vibrations. The system uses interfacial and matte-seal technologies to optimize sealing performance and reduce package size plus harness-assembly complexity.  It features a matte seal technology that allows closer-to-center terminal spacing and eliminates the need for crimping individual cable seals. The interfacial seal is interior to the connector shroud, protecting it from damage during harness handling. Additionally, the header pins are protected from scooping by a center wall that extends longer than the terminal length. The MX123 lever receptacles mate with MX123 vertical headers to offer two mounting-style options, three PCB electrical strategies, and multiple-plating options. For more information, call MOLEX INC., Lisle, IL. (800) 786-6539.

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