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Interconnections & Packaging: 19-in. Cabinet Enclosures Provide Aesthetic Styling

Cost-effective 19-in. cabinets now come with aesthetic styling in addition to high durability and versatility. The full-size Eurorack and mid-size Minirack series cabinets are well suited for packaging electronics in a variety of applications. They incorporate self-supporting inner-frame construction with an aluminum die-cast top and bottom bolted to four extruded aluminum uprights. The cabinets in the Eurorack series can hold up to 880 lb (399 kg), while the Minirack cabinets hold 440 lb (200 kg). All cabinets meet ANSI/EIA RS 310-D standards and can be assembled to order. Pricing starts at $900 for the Eurorack series and $400 for the Minirack series. Lead time is two to three weeks.

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