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Interconnections & Packaging: Enclosures And Connectors Designed For The ExpressCard Bus

The ExpressCard specification, defined by PCMCIA as the next-generation PC card that's smaller and faster than current PCMCIA cards, has made two cards available: the ExpressCard 34 (about one-half the size of a standard PCMCIA card) and the ExpressCard 54 (slightly smaller). Both are 5 mm thick and can be fitted with extended backs. Each fits into a universal slot with one common connector size and come designed with an integral 26-position beam on the blade connector. Samples of the ExpressCard frame kit and connectors are available now, with production quantities slated for the first quarter. Pricing is competitive with PCMCIA products.

Duel Systems, Subsidiary of Methode
(408) 436-4931

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