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Low-Profile Battery Clips Accommodate AAA And N Cells
Low-profile battery clips that accommodate both AAA and n cells can be used for high-density applications. The devices feature a "flow-hole" SMT solder tail designed to increase joint strength. A 0.010-in. nickel-plated spring steel clip secures cells and enables them to withstand shock and vibration.

They're available in loose piece (part #55) or on tape and reel (part #55TR) with 600 pieces per 13.0-in. reel. The polystyrene carrier tape meets ANSI/EIA-481 standards. It is 32 mm wide with parts mounted on a 16-mm pitch.

In 10,000-unit quantities, part #55 costs $63 per 1000. In similar quantities, part #55TR costs $165 per 1000.

Keystone Electronics Corp., 31-07 20th Rd., Astoria, NY 11105-2017; (800) 221-5510; fax (718) 956-9040; www.keyelco.com.

50-Ω, 300-W Termination Offers Extended Frequency Range
The model 300-WT-FN is a 300-W termination. It functions as a 50-Ω device with a frequency range of dc to 2.4 GHz and VSWR dc to 1 GHz at 1.10:1 maximum, and 1 to 2.4 GHz at 1.25:1 maximum. It offers a 300-W average power rating at 25°C ambient.

Its cooling fans and cover are black anodized. Measuring 7.50 by 5.40 by 4.30 in., the termination weighs 4.6 lbs. It is available with n female connectors. Also, a user can operate the termination in any position except mounting surface up.

In one- to 10-unit quantities, the termination costs $450.

Bird Component Products, 10950 72nd St. N., Ste. 107, Largo, FL 33777-1527; (727) 547-8826; fax (727) 547-0806; www.birdfla.com.

Device Cuts Costs By Allowing Use Of Lower-Density Circuits In Larger Assemblies
The Density Patch enables the incorporation of lower-density circuits into larger assemblies at minimal cost. This device is a small, custom-assembled, high-density circuit populated on a flexible circuit material. This pre-tested assembly is then attached to a lower-density polyester substrate through a permanent lap solder connection. This design allows the patch to piggyback on a larger and less costly circuit.

The construction of the Density Patch eliminates the need to use large volumes of a more expensive material capable of withstanding the heat generated by the solder process. By eliminating the need to place a small number of components over a large area, this design also increases manufacturing efficiencies. The company estimates customer savings of 10% to 25%.

For pricing and availability, contact the company.

Sheldahl Inc., 1150 Sheldahl Rd., Northfield, MN 55057; (507) 663-8000; fax (507) 663-8545; www.sheldahl.com.

Cable Assemblies Offer HSSDC, DB9, Or IX3 Connectors For High-Speed Serial Datacom Systems
A line of high-performance cable assemblies for copper Fibre Channel applications comes equipped with HSSDC, DB9, or IX3 connectors. Each cable assembly is individually tested and characterized. Also, each is shipped with a printout of its own specific test results. According to the company, these cable assemblies are suited for high-speed serial datacom system applications.

The cables are available in three families: basic cables with DB9 connectors on both ends, high-speed serial data interconnection cables with DB9 and/or HSSDC connectors, and internal drive adapter cables with DB9 and/or IX3 connectors. All assemblies utilize a shielded quad construction cable with superior time delay and skew characteristics. They meet ANSI X3.303-1998 Fibre Channel FC-PH-3 specifications.

Using direct attach technology, individual conductors are connected directly to the pc board inside the connector. This connector-to-cable interface eliminates the need for a transition connector. Also, it provides better durability, fewer intermittents, and a more tightly controlled impedance.

The cable assemblies are available at 1, 3, 5, 10, and 15 m. Custom lengths also are available. In 500-unit quantities, pricing for 3-m DB9-to-DB9 cables is about $20.41 each.

Methode Technical Components, 7401 W. Wilson Ave., Chicago, IL 60706; (708) 867-9300; fax (708) 867-5354; www.methode.com.

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