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Interface Pads Have High Thermal Conductivity

To compliment its existing line of thermal interface materials, the company has launched two new thermally-conductive interface pads. Said to supply five times the thermal conductivity of thermally-conductive tapes, as well as offering gap filling capability, the 5507 and 5507S thermally-conductive pads serve as an interface material between heatsinks and electronic devices. Both pads can be utilized in notebook computers, game stations and telecommunications systems. While thermally conductive pad 5507 comes in dual-linered sheets, pad 5507S has a thin polymide carrier for improved handling and reworkability. Both 5507 and 5507S use a material that is extremely soft, even at high levels of conductivity. The softness ensures conformance to substrates at low pressures, thereby minimizing stress on components. In addition, the pads' high dielectric strength produces electrical isolation. Both pads come in 20- to 100-mil thickness, with pad 5507S also available in a 10-mil thickness.

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