Electronic Design

iPhone Drops The BOM

Component Suppliers for the iPhone 3G Based on Physical Teardown
Preliminary Table provided by iSuppli Corp.

Supplier Component Description
Source Unidentifiable Display
Source Unidentifiable Touchscreen
Toshiba Semiconductor NAND Flash Memory, 8 GBbyte
Infineon Baseband: HSDPA/WCDMA/EDGE, Dual ARM926 & ARM7Core
Samsung Semiconductor Application Processor
Source Unidentifiable Camera Module
Micron Technology Image Sensor: 2 Megapixel; CMOS
Murata Contains Marvell 88W8686 WLAN; CSR BC6 ROM Bluetooth
Samsung Semiconductor SDRAM: Mobile DDR, 1 Gbit
Source Unidentifiable Battery
Infineon RF Transceiver: Quad-Band GSM/EDGE, Tri-Band WCDMA/HSDPA, 130-nm RF CMOS
Numonyx 128-Mbit NOR Flash; 64-Mbit pSRAM
Infineon GPS Receiver: Single Chip
Infineon Power Management IC: Phone
NXP Semiconductors Power Management IC: Applications Processor
Broadcom Multitouch Controller
Wolfson Microelectronics Audio Codec
Skyworks Power Amplifier: Quad-Band GSM/EDGE
STMicroelectronics Accelerometer: Microelectromechanical
TriQuint Semiconductor Power Amplifer Module (PAM): WCDMA/HSUPA
TriQuint Semiconductor PAM: WCDMA/HSUPA
TriQuint Semiconductor PAM: WCDMA/HSUPA
National Semiconductor Mobile Pixel Link: 24-Bit RGB Display Interface Serializer
Linear Technology Battery Charger: USB Compatible
Linear Technology DC-DC Converter - Synchronous Boost
Infineon Amplifier: LNA, Tri-Band HSDPA
Silicon Storage Technology Flash: NOR, 8 Mbit
Infineon Amplifier - LNA, GPS
Linear Technology Regulator: Switching
Maxim Analog IC
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