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Lithium Coin Cell Holders Outfit Rugged Portables

Lithium Coin Cell Holders Outfit Rugged Portables

The company’s latest line of vertical entry, lithium coin-cell holders are tailored for use in portable medical and other electronics. Designed to retain cells securely under shock and vibration, the holders feature flame retardant housings with dual-spring contacts with low contact resistant. Contacts are made of spring steel with tin plating. Available sizes include 16-mm (Cat. No. 1069), 20-mm (Cat. No’s 1065 and 1067), and 24-mm (Cat. No.1068) diameter coin cell batteries.  Additionally, the holders are polarized for circuit protection and will accept all major manufacturers’ batteries. KEYSTONE ELECTRONICS CORP. Astoria, NY. (800) 221-5510.

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