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Low-Attenuation Cable Targets Telecom Apps To 18 GHz

Combining low attenuation and phase stability, the LA series cable can handle applications up to 18 GHz. Attenuation is 20 dB per 100 ft at 18 GHz. The cable targets applications requiring low loss performance and longer cable length interconnects, such as telecom and military/aerospace. Silver-plated inner and outer conductors, along with microporous polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon, or PTFE) material, enables such low attenuation. The part features either the standard solid FEP Teflon or an optional polyurethane jacket. Combining a helically sealed flat braid with a 97% coverage round braid results in low loss, phase stability, and shielding effectiveness of greater than 100 dB. Pricing for the LA series cable ranges from $13.26/ft to $9.03/ft, depending on quantity ordered.

www.semflex.com; (800) 778-4401

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