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Low-Profile Mezzanine Connector Supports 40-Gbit/s Speeds

Low-Profile Mezzanine Connector Supports 40-Gbit/s Speeds

Measuring a mere 4.00 to 10.00 mm, plus a 0.80-mm pitch, Molex’s SpeedStack mezzanine connectors handle up to 40-Gbit/s data rates per differential pair. The devices come in circuit sizes of 22, 44, 60, 82, 104, and 120 with a range of six to 32 differential pairs, providing greater design flexibility. The 100-Ω version offers greater impedance control; an 85-Ω model (scheduled for release this June) will support PCIe Generation 3.0 and Intel QuickPath Interconnect requirements for next-generation I/O and memory signaling. The connector’s insert-molded wafer design includes a protective shrouded housing, which gives support to the terminal location and enhances electrical balance. Also, the narrowness of the housing allows for airflow and promotes system cooling. A common ground pin helps improve electrical performance and minimize crosstalk. The connectors will find homes in applications across a number of industries that contend with limited board space, such as telecommunications, military, medical, and consumer.


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