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March 13, 2008

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Engineering Feature · Sam Davis
High Efficiency Challenges Power-Management Design

Designers face the formidable task of providing high-efficiency power management from processors that operate at 1 V and below, at 100 A or more, and at gigahertz frequencies.

Technology Report · Don Tuite
New Techniques Enhance eEfficiency Across All Loads

Governments around the world are moving from voluntary to mandatory power-supply efficiency efforts. Challenges may lie ahead, but designers now have methods to cope with them.

Engineering Essentials · David Gunderson, Micro Power Electronics Inc.
Stop The Waste In Your Battery-Charger Conversion

As portable devices add functionality, the ability to recharge their batteries—and do so without wasting additional energy—becomes more important.



Lab Bench · William Wong
Make The Universal Serial Bus Your Universal Power Supply

Design Solution · Keith Curtis, Microchip Technology Inc.
Customize Power Supplies Freely With A Digital Feedback Loop

Ideas For Design · Dipti Desai, Intersil Corp.
Use Digitally Controlled Potentiometer To Adjust Voltage Reference Output

Ideas For Design · Nick Allen-Rowlandson, Maxim Integrated Products Inc.
Two AA Cells Power Class D Amp To Produce Huge Audio Volume

Ideas For Design · Dongjie Cheng, Degang Xia, and Dennis Hahn, Texas Instruments
Add Fail-Safe Shoot-Through Protection To Power MOSFET

Embedded In Electronic Design · William Wong
Why Can't I Do What I Want?

Embedded In Electronic Design · William Wong
Modules And Motherboards

Embedded In Electronic Design · William Wong
Universal Graphics Module: The New Standard For Graphics Control Modules

Embedded In Electronic Design · William Wong
OMAP ARMed With Cortex


Leapfrog · William Wong
DC-DC Converter Makes Single-Cell Microcontroller

Digital · Daniel Harris
FPGA Gets The Hang Of Low Power

Digital · Fares Mubarak, Actel
10 FPGA Tricks Provide Power-Saving Treats

Analog & Power · Don Tuite
Ultra-Quiet Buck Converter Suits RF And High-Speed Data Applications

Analog & Power · Don Tuite
Op Amp Cuts Power And Noise

EDA · David Maliniak
System Design Environment Goes "Soft"

Communications · Louis E. Frenzel
Smaller SFP+ Optical Transceivers Save Space And Power

Communications · Louis E. Frenzel
Access Processor Aggregates Multiple Protocol Traffic For Carrier Ethernet Transmission

Communications · Louis E. Frenzel
GPON Platform Ready For FTTH Rollout


Editorial · Joe Desposito
Putting All Your Power Adapters In One Basket

Power Design · Tom Curatolo, Vicor Corp.
Demanding Dynamic Loads: Can Power Devices Keep Up?

Pease Porridge · Bob Pease
What's All This LED Power Stuff, Anyhow?

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