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MEMS Workstation Tests Prototypes

The company's MEMS workstation for prototype and proof-of-design testing provides MEMS assembly, micro-motion analysis, electronic test, repair, and packaging tools for wireless, optical, telecommunications, biomedical, chemical, automotive, aerospace, and commercial applications. A value added feature, the company includes a series of one-day, complimentary application seminars in a number of selected U.S. states. The station comes with Polytec’s MSA-400 Micro System Analyzer for optical imaging and characterization of in-plane and out-of-plane motion and advanced motion analysis including deflection shapes, frequency response, and Bode plots. Furthermore, it can be equipped for manual or semiautomatic measurements in atmospheric or vacuum environments with a range of tools to provide power, electrical analysis, material gripping/positioning/removal, inject liquids/gases, inject/collect light, and physically stimulate MEMS devices. MICROMANIPULATOR CO., Carson City, NV. (775) 882-7694.


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