Micro HDMI Connector Invades Consumer Market



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Groomed for consumer apps, FCI’s 19-pin HDMI D-type (Micro HDMI) connector promises to be one of the best options for next-generation compact audio/video data PCB layouts aiming at HDMI Rev.1.4 and 3D signal transmission. The connector is available in a DIP+SMT legs version (10118241-001RLF) and a full DIP legs version (10118242-001RLF) with SMT solder tails. Durability is 5,000 cycles and passive latching technology prevents unintentional cable release. FCI also offers an HDMI A-type receptacle (10029449-111RLF) to enable linkage of HDMI A-type and D-type connectors in a host system. FCI USA INC., Etters, PA. (800) 237-2374.

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