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MicroTCA Backplane Offers 14 Slots

Elma Bustronic now offers a 14-slot MicroTCA backplane. The unit features 12 AMC slots, one power module slot, and one MicroTCA controller hub (MCH) slot in the single-width, full-size format. The 14-slot single star backplane is the first in the company’s line of new MicroTCA backplanes (see the photo).

MicroTCA defines a modular backplane architecture designed to support redundant "pods" of AdvancedMC (AMC) modules. The AdvancedMC modules (AMC0/.1/.2/.3) are front-removable mezzanine modules first designed to be used on AdvancedTCA cards.

The MicroTCA architecture allows large arrays of AdvancedMC modules to be used in applications where a lower cost solution is required than could be achieved by the standard AdvancedTCA architecture. The MicroTCA backplane allows single or redundant virtual carriers to provide power management, platform management, and fabric connections to greater numbers of modules than a single physical carrier card could support in a classic ATCA application.

The Elma Bustronic MicroTCA backplane features a 16-layer controlled-impedance stripline design. The backplane has a single-star topology. The company plans to eventually offer a 14-slot dual star with dual power and MCH slots.

Pricing for the 14-slot MicroTCA backplane is less than $500, depending on volume and configuration requirements. Lead time is 4-6 weeks.


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