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Microvia Dielectrics Ensure Portable Product Reliability

The MICROLAM 600 series—the 610, 620 and 630—microvia dielectric materials promise to increase mechanical reliability in portable products such as cell phones and PDAs. The company says the series passes new handset OEM drop tests, meets critical environmental tests for chip packages and offers very low loss characteristics for improved high-frequency response. Designed as a drop-in replacement for resin-coated copper, the 610 dielectric consists of standard FR-4 epoxy resin and a continuous toughening matrix. For chip-package substrates, the 620 dielectric is fabricated from a high temperature, thermoset resin in a reinforcing matrix. Also intended to replace resin-coated copper, the material is compatible with standard desmear processes. The 630 is said to be the lowest loss microvia material on the market, and is made of standard BT resin in a continuous toughening matrix. Typical applications include WLAN, Bluetooth, and RF power-amplifier modules, MCM, transceivers, and optical modules. For further information, contact W.L. GORE & ASSOCIATES, Elkton, MD. (800) 445-4673.


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