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Miniature IDC Terminal Blocks Cut Height, Not Current Capacity

A 25% reduction in height without a corresponding decrease in current-handling capability is featured in a line of miniature IDC terminal blocks, making the devices suitable for use in tight spaces. The blocks eliminate the need for individual wire stripping and clamp-screw tightening. As a result, users can gain secure wire connections three times faster than screw-clamp connections. The blocks are also said to offer highly reliable connections that are impervious to corrosion or vibration.Mounting and wiring flexibility is designed into the mini blocks. Versions are offered for mounting on DIN 2 and DIN 3 rails; other models can be snapped directly into panels. Wiring flexibility is gained through versions with insulation displacement contacts on one side and a standard screw clamp on the other. The blocks are UL and CSA approved for use with wires from 22 AWG to 14 AWG at 600V. They also meet IEC and VDE standards. The 6-mm-wide version is rated for 18A; the 8-mm-wide version handles 25A.

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