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Molded Caps Repel Dirt And Static

Fitting for a range of connectors deployed in dirt- and static-rich environments, the company's comprehensive line of injection-molded caps and plugs in static conductive and dissipative materials protect connectors from dust, dirt, moisture, and electrostatic discharge. They are particularly suitable for D-subminiature, telephone jack, SCSI II, Champ-Type, threaded and non-threaded bayonet-type, and rack-and-panel connectors. Described as inexpensive, the connector covers both install and detach quickly. Their static dissipative polyethylene treatments allow for use in clean rooms where conductive polyethylene, with its carbon additive, is not desirable. Static dissipative polyethylene bleeds off the static charge at a much slower rate than conductive polyethylene, addressing applications where a rapid static transfer may cause component damage. For a free sample kit, call CAPLUGS, Buffalo, N.Y. (888) 227-5847.

Company: CAPLUGS

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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