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Monoblock Inserts Extend Connector Capabilities

Monoblock Inserts Extend Connector Capabilities

Dedicated, high-density monoblock inserts developed by HARTING expands the functionality of two of its top modular connector series: the Han Eco and Han Yellock. The inserts enable both series connectors to replace a larger connector or multiple units to save layout space for a device or control cabinet. The Han Eco monoblock E inserts, with screw termination, are designed as snap-in modules that fosters faster, tool-free assembly. The monoblocks, with a rated voltage of 500 V and 16-A current, feature a pre-leading PE contact (ground) resulting in contact numbers of 10, 14, 20, and 28 plus PE for all four Han Eco housing sizes.  They can be combined with modules from the Han Modular series in any Han Eco housing to mix transmission media. Han Yellock monoblocks offer 25 or 48 contacts with crimp terminations for 30 and 60 housing sizes, respectively. Han Eco connectors consist of glass-fiber-reinforced, high-performance plastics. Han Yellock is distinguished by its internal lock mechanism that works like a seat belt, which accelerates locking and pushbutton release, and incorporation of multiplying potentials (eliminating the need for terminal blocks inside a machine).


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