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Multi-Conductor Cables Withstand Continuous Flexing And Twisting

The Trayflex 3D oil-resistant, multi-conductor cable with open wiring approval is made for applications that require a continuous flexing, bending or twisting of the cable. Due to its finely stranded bare copper conductors, a specially formulated PVC/nylon insulation, and a new oil-resistant elastomeric alloy jacket, the flexible cable can withstand exposure to harsh industrial environments. The cable also holds such worldwide approvals as UL Type TC, MTW, AWM, and CSA AWM FT4, as well as CE compliance. The cable's static temperature range extends from -35°C to 90°C, and its flexing temperature range is from -5°C to 90°C. Other features of Trayflex 3D cable include a maximum torsion of ±180° and a minimum bend radius of 10X.


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