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Nanominiature Connectors Embrace Harsh Environments

TE_Nanonics_connectors-ATE Connectivity claims its nanominiature connectors are 10 times smaller in volume and about 10% the weight of a standard Micro-D connector with the same number of positions. The high-reliability devices offer voltage ratings 500 V at sea level and 500 mating cycles (versus comparable connectors that feature 250 V and 200 cycles, respectively, according to the company). Depending on the connector, operating temperature can range as wide as -200 to +200°C. They come in single-row configurations with 5 to 51 contacts and double-row configurations with 9 to 65 contacts. Housings include machined aluminum shells (with a variety of plating), stainless-steel shells for extra sturdiness, or plastic shells for added weight savings. Applications include space, smart munitions, missile defense, aircraft communications, and UAVs.


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