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Needle Valve Dispenses Anaerobic Resins

For dispensing acrylic-base formulations, a.k.a. anaerobic resins, the model MV-0180-PNM needle valve employs a low-density plastic wetted chamber to prevent the anaerobic resins from making contact with the metal body of the valve. Material is fed under pressure to the valve directly from its container, which can be placed in an air-pressure reservoir that is top ported to the valve. An air pulse from a valve controller actuates a solenoid attached to the needle seal, allowing fluid to flow. When the air pulse is removed, a forward action spring returns the needle and closes the seal. To accelerate closure, a four-way air control can be connected to eliminate the reliance on spring pressure. Other features of the MV-0180-PNM include a stroke adjuster for final tuning of shot size. I&J FISNAR INC. Fair Lawn, NJ. (201) 796-1477.

Company: I&J FISNAR INC.

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TAGS: Components
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