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Next-Gen Cables Meet SCD21 Specs

Next-Gen Cables Meet SCD21 Specs

Emerging as the next generation in cable technology for high data-rate apps, a unique differential cable design exhibits a lower differential-to-common-mode conversion (SCD21) and a very high level of signal fidelity. It also provides the only cable solution that addresses the degradation in performance caused by SCD21. Groomed for InfiniBand, the design yields SCD21 values below -40 dB and well below -25 dB across a 20-GHz bandwidth. Available in cables with smaller gauge sizes (AWG24 to AWG32), the company’s low SCD21 technology allows for precise cancellation of signals of equal amplitude and differential polarity with very little phase difference between the differential legs. W. L. GORE & ASSOCIATES INC., Landenberg, PA. (800) 311-3060.

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