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Nylon Rods/Sheets Invade North American Market

Now available for designers and machinists in North America, the company expands its materials offerings to include a range of Nylatron 4.6 rod and sheet sizes. The high-temperature grade nylon is based on Stanyl 4.6 produced by DSM Engineering Plastics. Nylatron 4.6 has a heat deflection temperature (ASTM D648) over +150°C, which exceeds most PA, POM, and PET based materials. The material is viable for wear-resistant parts in industrial process machinery and as valve components in chemical processing applications. Allegedly, its retention of physical properties at elevated temperature makes it ideal for small series, machined automotive and transportation components. The company produces rods up to 60 mm in diameter and in 3m lengths and sheets up to 50-mm thick and in 1m and 3m lengths. Additionally, Nylatron 4.6 is reddish-brown in color. For more details, call QUADRANT EPP, Reading, PA. (800) 366-0300.


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