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Optical Adhesive Meets Stringent Requirements

The EP21TP-2, a two component polysulfide/epoxy formulation, exhibits unique optical characteristics with the ability to transmit light over a wide wavelength range including the infra-red spectrum. It has an index of refraction of 1.58. The formulation bonds to metals, glass, ceramics, wood, vulcanized rubbers, and many plastics and develops a bonding strength of more than 3,000 psi at room temperature. Serviceable temperature range is from -80°F to +250°F. EP21TP-2 can be applied without sagging or dripping, even on vertical surfaces, and it is relatively insensitive to mixing ratio or substrate-cleaning procedures. The hardened adhesive/sealant is an electrical insulator and fully meets the requirements for polysulfide/epoxy type sealants. Typical optical applications range from bonding and potting fiber-optic cables, connectors, and terminations, to upgrading the vibration and shock resistance of electro-optic assemblies. MASTER BOND INC., Hackensack, NJ. (201) 343-8983.


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