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Optical Connectors Suited For Use In Harsh Environments

A new line of harsh environment connectors has been added to the company's PHD multi-channel optical interconnects system. The new connectors are designed specifically for military, avionics and industrial applications where optimal performance is required in the severest of conditions. The expanded line of PHD interconnects includes the environmentally sealed PHD 38999 for military and avionics applications and the Poseidon PHD for industrial and other commercial applications. Metallic shell material options for the PHD 38999 include nickel-plated aluminum, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and specialty alloys. The Poseidon PHD system is a sealed, ergonomic multi-channel optical solution suited for industrial controls, robotics and factory automation. It comes in composite plastic or a metallic shell. Both products use the company's high-performance ceramic ferrule technology, which is at the heart of the PHD system. ITT INDUSTRIES, CANNON, Santa Ana, CA. (714) 557-4700.


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