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Organic Adhesives Dethrone Solder

Exhibiting thermal properties that allegedly exceed those of most solders that attach high-power devices, the DM6030Hk is described as a series of novel, patented silver-filled organic adhesives. The adhesives specify a thermal conductivity as high as 60 W/mK and electrical resistance as low as 6 µ?. They are also said to generate a thermal resistance equal to or better than Au/Sn solder. Completely lead free, the DM6030Hk pastes require no component plating, as well as no flux or non-oxidizing atmosphere and they exhibit minimal voiding in the bond line. Additionally, optional lower processing temperatures of 175°C or less are available that allow the use of lower-cost plastic packages. The adhesives can be stored in jars at room temperature or packaged in frozen syringes. DIEMAT INC., Byfield, MA. (978) 499-0900.

Company: DIEMAT INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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