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Orthogonal Direct Configuration Simplifies Backplane Connector System

Orthogonal Direct Configuration Simplifies Backplane Connector System

Molex recently integrated orthogonal direct configuration into its Impel backplane connector system, eliminating the midplane for direct connection of PCBs. The open-flow architecture helps improve channel performance, which in turn reduces costs. The Impel connector technology features a tightly coupled differential-pair structure for optimal signal integrity and mechanical isolation. Two compliant pin-attach options and 18 to 72 differential pairs per orthogonal mode offer further optimization. The connectors are available in multiple pitch options, including 1.90 mm broad-edge-coupled, 2.35 mm orthogonal, and 3.00 mm quad-route. Use of the company’s Temp-Flex twinax 30 AWG wires provides a full channel-to-channel solution for telecom and datacom applications.


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