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Packaging & Interconnects: BGA SMT Emulation Adapter Set Aimed At Xilinx FF1152 ICs

The female SF-BGA1152A-B-42 socket and the LS-BGA1152A-41 ball-grid-array (BGA) surface-mount (SMT) male pin unit serve as a low-cost and reliable adapter set for Xilinx's 1152-pin BGA ICs. The Giga-snaP feet adapter pair consists of the female socket with the machined pin's epoxy molded over it. The adpater set has the same solder-ball types as the ICs they're emulating. Mating force is only 56 lb (248 Newtons), and the physical length from the top connection point on the male adapter to the solder ball on the female socket is only 4.5 mm. The female socket costs $280 each and the male pin is $120 each, both in single quantities. Both are available now.

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