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Packaging & Interconnects: D-Subminiature Connectors Boost Environmental Performance

The WD series of D-subminiature connectors features improved environmental protection per IP67 ratings thanks to its unibody construction, which eliminates the need to add sealants. This allows for rapid connector manufacturing. It also lowers cost and improves operation since concerns about differences in coefficients of expansion for dissimilar materials are negated. The connectors are available in nine-contact male and female variants and a 25-contact female, as well as in a 26-position female high-density variant. Contacts are rated for 7.5 A (size 20) and 5 A (size 22). A nine-position male connector costs $6.68 each in 1000-unit lots.

Positronic Industries Inc.;
(417) 866-2322, ext. 2242

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