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Packaging & Interconnects: High-Power Pin/Sleeve Connection Devices Go Industrial

The models in a new line of high-power inlets and outlets have been rated per IP 44-67 standards for dust and water splashing. They're designed for connection to equipment rated from 16 to 32 A of service at 120 to 250 V ac for panel or cable mounting. These pin and sleeve connection devices can be configured with three-pin 16/20-A or 30/32-A ratings in yellow or blue colors with four- and six-hour ground-pin positions. Pricing starts at $16.47. Models also are available with four-pin 20- to 125-A ratings in orange, blue, or red with nine- and 12-hour ground-pin positions. Pricing starts at $24.71. Models with five-pin 20- to 124-A ratings in blue or red with six- and nine-hour ground-pin positions start at $22.18 each.

Interpower Corp.
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