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Packaging & Interconnects: Plastic DIN Rail Enclosures Suit Industrial Control Applications

The DB series of DIN rail mount enclosures satisfies a variety of industrial applications. It includes eight different sizes with 10 to 30 contacts, in widths from 0.87 to 5.91 in. All of the enclosures snap onto a standard DIN rail, and two of them can be screw-mounted to a panel. Two others have a choice of 12- or 24-tiered contacts, similar to a terminal block. The rest have two in-line rows of contacts per box. All of the enclosures have internal card guides. The front covers include an area for labels or decals. The enclosures' ABS plastic housings are rated for UL94V-0 flammability. Contacts can handle 10 A. They cost $12.90 to $23. Availability is from stock.

Bud Industries Inc.
(440) 946-3200

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