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Packaging & Interconnects: RF Center-Probe Test Socket Accepts 14- To 27-mm2 Devices

A new RF center-probe test socket accepts devices from 14 to 27 mm2. It's designed for pitches down to 0.5 mm and speeds from 1 to over 10 GHz in CSPs, MicroBGAs, MLFs, QFNs, and LGAs. A four-point spring probe crown ensures "scrubbing" on solder-ball oxides for reliable contact mating. A 0.077-mm signal path minimizes signal losses. Features include a 500,000-cycle contact life, a force of 9 to 12 g per contact for 0.50- to 0.75-mm pitches and 17 to 20 g per contact for 0.80-mm pitches and higher, and an operating-temperature range of −55°C to 150°C. For a 3.5-GHz, 200-lead socket, pricing starts at $500 each. Lead time is two weeks.

Aries Electronics Inc.
(908) 996-6841

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