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Packaging & Materials: Easy-Grab Fuseblock Cover Is Assembly- And Service-Efficient

Saving time during assembly and service is the bailiwick of the OGN series of fuseblock covers. Each all-in-one part comes pre-loaded with a 5- by 20-mm fuse and a fitted cover that grabs hold of the fuse when the cover is lifted and the fuse is removed. Its thermoplastic material is rated to meet the UL V-94-0 standard and can withstand high soldering temperatures per the IEC 60068-2-20 test Tb method 1B. The fuseblock is rated for 10 A/250 V under UL, CSA, and VDE standards. Packing options are loose 500-piece trays or 400-piece tape-and-reels. The cover costs $0.37 each in 500-piece lots. Lead time is stock to six weeks.

Schurter Inc.
(707) 636-3000

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