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Packaging, Materials & Interconnects: RF Center Probe Test Socket Suits 1- To 10-GHz Packages

A molded RF center probe test socket for devices from 1 to 10 GHz accepts devices from 25 to 55 mm2 wide. It's ideal for manually testing devices with pitches down to 0.50 mm and in packages like CSPs, MicroBGAs, and LGAs, as well as SRAM, DRAM, and flash ICs. A signal path of only 1.95 mm achieves minimal signal socket loss. Estimated contact life is over 500,000 cycles. Contact self-inductance is 0.51 nH. Socket contact forces are 9 to 12 g per contact for 0.8-mm pitches and larger. The operating temperature ranges from ­55°C to 150°C. Price for a 2.4-GHz molded 415-lead socket starts at $1122, and lead time is six weeks.

Aries Electronics
(908) 996-3891

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