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Packaging & Materials: Ultra-Thin Lightweight Touch Panels Aim At Mobile Products

Mobile LCD devices such as cameras, cell phones, PDAs, industrial equipment, and medical devices can now take advantage of the Film-Film (FF) and Film-Film-Plastic (FFP) touch panels. They measure 0.65 and 23.0 mm thick, respectively, in diagonal sizes from 1.9 to 5.7 in. Made of an indium tin-oxide layer sandwiched between a flexible plastic film and separated by micro-dot spacers, they're rated for 60°C and 100,000-word operation. Both types of panels are available with clear or anti-glare anti-smudge finishes. Pricing for a 2.5-in. FF touch panel is about $5 each in 100,000-unit lots. A 3.8-in. FFP panel costs about $11 each in 10,000-unit lots. Delivery begins next year.

Fujitsu Components Inc.
(800) 380-0059

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