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Packaging/Interconnects: Adapter For MLF/QFN IC Packages Provides Quick Prototyping

Design engineers using 0.5-mm pitch 48-position MLF/QFN packaged ICs will be interested in the PA-MLF48A-P-Z-02 adapter, which provides high-performance quick prototyping. It comes with a clam-shell ZIF socket for easy access to all signals and simplified IC swapout. It interfaces the 48-position MLF/QFN ZIF socket to a 0.100-in. center pin-grid array (PGA). The adapter is constructed with gold-plated solder-tail machined pins for maximum reliability when the adapter is socketed. It can be supplied optionally with wire-wrap pins for inexpensive wire-wrap panels. The adapter is available from stock at $450 each in lots of one to 10 units.

Ironwood Electronics
(800) 404-0204

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