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Packaging/Interconnects: Classic 6U Backplanes Designed For VME64X Applications

The Classic 6U VME64X series of backplanes, which complement the company's existing 7U VME64X line, features power taps for 3.3, 5, ±12 V, and GND above and below the slots. This enables the backplane to remain in a 6U height for restricted-size applications. The 7U line has an extra 1U of height for more power bugs, located at the bottom of the backplane for cabling ease. In a side-to-side air-flow chassis, the 7U backplane can also act as an air baffle to redirect and optimize airflow. The 6U line will be initially offered in eight, 12, and 21 slots. Pricing for the 6U line starts under $1000 with two- to four-week delivery.

Bustronic Corp.
(510) 490-7388

TAGS: Components
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