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Packaging/Interconnects: Coaxial RF Connector Interface Works Up To 110 GHz

The W-1 coax connector works up to 110 GHz. It comes with male and female sparkplug connectors with center conductors consisting of a high-temperature plastic bead on one end and Teflon bead on the other. It also comes with female flange-mount connectors with center conductors consisting of a PPO bead on the front end and a Teflon bead on the back end. Based on the 1.00-mm coax connector front-side interface specified by IEEE Std 287, the 50-(omega) connector has a −16-dB voltage-standing-wave ratio at 110 GHz and insertion losses of 0.7 dB (sparkplug connector) and 0.6 dB (flange-mount connectors). Pricing for the connector starts at $595. Lead time is four to six weeks.

Anritsu Company
(800) 533-5231

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