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Packaging/Interconnects: High-Temperature Insulators Protect Discretes And Transistors

Designed to protect discrete components and transistors that operate at temperatures higher than 105°C, the machine screw insulators in a new set come in three different shoulder designs: traditional, low-profile, and dual low-profile configurations with added ventilation. They provide extra protection in rated uses up to 260°C maximum recommended service temperature. They're chemically inert (no known solvents under 200°C) with an oxygen rating index over 45%. They consist of a UL-rated glass-filled polyphenylene sulfide and can accommodate screws up to 0.125 in. in diameter. Available from stock, they're priced from $37.10 each in 25,000-unit lots.

Bivar Inc.
(949) 951-8808

TAGS: Components
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